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Don’t panic!

Accident, now what?

What you can do now

Accident, now what?

You have no extra work, we come to your home or drive to the workshop where your car is parked to inspect the damage.


Yes, it is difficult and everyone is excited in this situation but please take a deep breath and stay calm.


Securing vehicles. Turn on the hazard flashers and set up the warning triangle, which incidentally belongs under the passenger seat, not in the boot under the shopping.


Check if there are any injured people. If there are, call the emergency doctor immediately, if necessary carry out first aid.


Everyone today has a “camera” in their pocket, take pictures of the vehicles and the location for evidence.


Are the vehicles still in running order or movable? Clear the road so as not to obstruct other traffic, ambulances and the like.


Exchange personal and insurance data. The police do not clarify questions of guilt and only have to be called in if one of the parties involved cannot identify himself. Do not forget to record the data of witnesses.


Are you the injured party? Give us a call and we will take care of everything else and make sure that you will be compensated for 100% of the damage. We will also check whether you are entitled to further payments.


24/7 Accident on site service!

Office: 04182 8002960
Mobil: 01577 5351188


If you did not cause the accident, our service is Free of charge for you!
Our fee must be borne by the opposing insurance company. Our reports are recognized by all insurance companies. 

We are here to help you!

We take away your fear.

Procedure of a damage survey

  1. Is your car still roadworthy? 
  2. Where is the car located? Workshop or at home?
  3. Recording of the damage
  4. Preparation of the expert opinion:
    • Description of damage
    • Replacement of the motor vehicle
    • Determination of residual value
    • Determining the amount of damage
    • Determination of impairment
    • Recording the loss of use
    • Determination of the repair and/or the replacement duration
  5. Small damages are recorded and processed within 24 hours
  6. The report is sent to you (customer), workshop and insurance company.
  7. The workshop and the insurance company will arrange everything else with you.
  8. After receiving the regulation, contact us. We check the results.

Everything from a single source


Accident report

Operational maintenance

Repair mediation

Quick help is coming!

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