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Frequently asked questions?

We often get similar questions. Here we would like to answer the most important questions. Your question is not included? Please contact us, we will be happy to answer them.

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René Marschall

The most important questions:

Why do I need my own expert, but the insurance company sends one?

It is your right, in the event of damage, to hire an expert you trust who works FOR YOU and not for the insurance company that wants to pay as little as possible.

Do not give away money and let us prepare a damage report with depreciation and everything that goes with it.

By the way, our experts are not only there to assess the damage, but also after the repair we will be happy to check whether the work was carried out professionally and will accompany you through the entire process.

What costs will I have to pay?

If you were not to blame for the damage, this is called liability damage. In this case you do not pay us anything, we settle the fee directly with the opposing insurance company.

Prices for all other services, such as value appraisals for classic cars or conversions, cost estimates, repair confirmations, etc. depend on various factors and are best discussed in person.

The insurance only wants an estimate?

Yes, of course the estimate is sufficient for the insurance company, because this is the cheapest way for the insurance company.

However, this only covers visible damage to your vehicle. Damage that only becomes visible later during dismantling could cause delays and problems. We work against this. In addition, after an accident you are entitled to many other compensations which are not determined with a cost estimate, e.g. compensation for depreciation. In contrast to an expert opinion, the cost estimate has no legal obligation and no probative value.

According to the insurance, I am only allowed to get an expert if the damage exceeds 3000€?

Wrong! In Hamburg and Lower Saxony you are allowed to get your own expert for damages of 750€ or more.

Give us a call. We will gladly come to your home for an initial assessment.
If the damage is really too small, there are no costs for you!

What is the difference between liability and hull damage?

Hull insurance is used if you have damaged your vehicle yourself or if there is no causer, i.e. your own insurance company is to pay for the damage. What, how, where and under what conditions is paid can be found in your hull contract.

We always have liability claims if someone has damaged your vehicle. His liability obligation must compensate the damage. The legal basis is not a contract, but the paragraph 249 BGB “Whoever is obliged to pay compensation must restore the condition that would have existed if the circumstance obliging him to pay compensation had not occurred”. In addition to the repair costs, which are to be paid according to the manufacturer’s instructions, you are entitled to many other items of damage, such as loss of use or reduction in value, these items are part of our expert opinions.

What is the difference between a cost estimate and an expert opinion?

A cost estimate is only an estimate of the repair costs without including other damage items. Furthermore, it is neither neutral nor does it have an evidential function.

The workshop has its own surveyor, do I have to use him?

No, we would also be happy to visit the workshop where your vehicle is parked and contribute our expertise to the claims management. In this way you are fully guaranteed neutrality.

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